Lighten Your Lockdown: Netflix Edition

Indulge in Netflix while you Self-Isolate

Netflix can brighten our solitary days. During this COVID-19 global outbreak, whether isolating with family or alone, this viewing platform immerses us in a fantasy world, a place we can visit outside of ourselves but inside the house.  And let’s face it, we all need anything to distract us, to help us relax and cope with what is really going on.

Staying at Home

Yes, it’s official. Millions of us are quarantining ourselves in a global effort to beat COVID-19. We were all asked politely and now the governments are insisting that we #StayAtHome, #QuedateEnCasa, #MenoumeSpiti, #RimaniACasa, #RestezalaMaison.  

Working from Home

The Bora Team are in our second week of isolation and we are all working from home. Our work remains pretty clear – we are able to communicate rapidly and effectively – sharing remote video calls and looking like the Brady Bunch as we share ideas and solve problems.

The camaraderie of the workplace remains and as well as getting on with the tasks at hand, the Bora Team is constantly sharing what we can do outside of work time – especially now we have all this time in the house.

Self-isolate with our Netflix Recommendations

We thought it may be helpful to each share our Top Three Netflix Recommendations to get through not just a rainy day but what looks like could be a few weeks more of isolation. So get out the remote, grab a blanket and snuggle up for some good viewing.

You’re welcome…

  • Dark Tourist From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest, New Zealand filmmaker and journalist David Farrier (‘Tickled’) visits unusual — and often macabre — tourism spots around the world.

  • Grand Designs (2 Seasons available) –
    Kevin McCloud follows intrepid individuals trying to design and build their dream home. And you know, sometimes it’s nice just to remember what other people’s houses might look like.
  • Line of Duty (4 Seasons available) – Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott is transferred to AC-12, a police anti-corruption unit.  Alongside Detective Constable Kate Fleming, they are assigned to lead an investigation into the alleged corruption by a popular and successful officer. This British drama just gets better with each series.
  • The Good Place – funny and smart. Where comedy meets philosophy, brilliantly written and an original idea. Why the fork wouldn’t you watch it! (inside joke)
  • Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam CJ Walker – cracking mini series based on the life of America’s first self made female millionaire. From poverty as a washerwoman to creating and marketing beauty products. Powerfully acted by Octavia Spencer.
  • Black Mirror – long been a fan of this show which moved to Netflix from series 5. Charlie Brooker’s sharp writing and his creative genius is exciting and intriguing. The ideas show some amazing technological innovations and how, in the wrong hands, they can be used to adversely manipulate behaviour.
  • Making a Murderer – A real-life docuseries about Steven Avery who after spending 18 years in jail wrongly accused, was immediately accused afterward of a second crime – a grisly murder.
  • Breaking Bad  – 5 Seasons of pure escapism and madness!
  • The Crown. – Just on season 1 as I’m new to Netflix.
Jo (Me)
  • Orange is the New Black (Season 6) – I have been a huge fan since the first episode, Season 1. Of course, this interest in women’s prison drama is long seeded as I remember spending weekends with my Grandma watching late night episodes of Prisoner Cell Block H. That said, this drama stands alone. The eye-opening journey of these women (and men) throughout every episode feels very voyeuristic. It is shot as a memoir. Season 6 also delivers that ‘I can’t wait to watch the next episode feeling’ which thankfully in our modern world, we don’t have to. Prepare to binge watch.
  • The Crown Season (Season 3) – After seeing the first two seasons, the third became a must… but it wasn’t going to be the same – or was it? The entire cast switched out! Olivia Coleman took over from the much-adored Claire Foy in the principle role of Queen Elizabeth. The change was flawless. This season covers the period between 1964-1977 when Harold Wilson was prime minister. Of course, I now eagerly await Season 4, shot with the second cast and finally introducing Lady Diana.
  • Ozark (Season 3 premieres March 27!!) – Really looking forward to seeing the next season of Jason Bateman’s Ozark. The Byrdes are back! Money laundering that led to further criminal involvement caused Marty and Wendy to flee from Chicago to the Ozarks. And despite spending lots of time covering my eyes and ears, this season promises to be their biggest operation yet! Season 1 & 2 here.
  • The Vietnam War by Ken Burns – A fascinating exploration of the intricacies of the conflict that continues to shape modern America’s attitudes to the military and diplomacy.
  • Archer – A rude, crude, irreverent and politically incorrect spy series. Love it!
  • The Witcher – Great tongue-in-cheek dungeons and dragon style adventure.
  • Sadly, I don’t have a subscription to Netflix – generally no subscriptions to any cable TVs. If I had, I would love to see Star Trek – The Next Generation – because the opening “These are the voyages of Starship Enterprise..” and the line “Space is the Final Frontier” remind me so much of my childhood memories.

(Note to Tassos – I’ve seen it and it’s great! FYI…Amazon Prime are also premiering a new episode of  Star Trek: Picard every Friday night and he happens to be my favourite captain. Prime offers a 30 day free trial subscription, so no excuse not to check out your favorite shows).

David B.
  • Broadchurch: This British drama demonstrates to what extent an otherwise close-knit community can harbor dark secrets and how these mysteries can come to light in the aftermath of a murder. Complemented by the wonderful acting of the cast, including David Tennant, and the masterful soundtrack composed by Ólafur Arnalds.
  • Dark: More secrets hide in this mind-bending series about time travel. In “Dark,” the past has a lasting impact on the future…just as the future informs the past!
  • The OA: What comes after death? That’s the central question behind “The OA.” I can only hope Netflix will renew it for yet another season at some point!
  • Law & Order SVU – (20 Seasons available on Amazon Prime) I don’t watch much telly… But I used to love Law and Order SVU when I had time to watch it.
Needing Your Mates?

Here’s a useful blog by Jared Newman, TechHive on other platforms that you can use to watch together and stay in touch.

And finally, if you are feeling alone watching TV – message a few friends and throw a remote Netflix Party.


Lighten Your Lockdown: Netflix Edition
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