3 Ways Cybersecurity Marketers can Increase Engagement on LinkedIn

Over the last couple of years, I’m sure you’ve heard marketing influencers talk about how great LinkedIn is as a B2B platform. To put it simply, LinkedIn is a goldmine for businesses. It’s a platform where business professionals congregate, socialize and share insightful information.

You may be reading this blog as you may not be getting the engagement your marketing director or client desires. Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to enhance your LinkedIn presence.

Marketing your client’s business on LinkedIn is a must for all cybersecurity marketers, as your ideal audience is currently residing on the network, and it is still possible for your content to go viral on the platform. Below are three effective ways you can increase impressions, engagements, and post clicks on LinkedIn:

1.    Repurpose content

In the cybersecurity industry, many organizations have a plethora of assets they share with their audience – both gated and ungated content. Repurposing these same assets into a LinkedIn-friendly format allows you to splinter many pieces of content just from a single piece. For example, you can extract tips, quotes, and recommendations from blogs, podcasts, lead magnets, videos, etc, and post them as text-only standard posts or carousel posts.

Repurposing content is a great strategy to leverage on LinkedIn. I have personally used this strategy to great effect – I took a blog post and repurposed it into three pieces of content – a carousel post, a short-form video, and an article published on LinkedIn Pulse. The results were impressive, gaining significantly more engagement, impressions, and clicks than a normal post that linked back to the client’s blog would’ve received.

You can repurpose a single blog post into various content types. I have listed some ways in which you can take parts of a blog post and repurpose it into a:

Short-form video

Carousel post

Twitter thread

Instagram story

Instagram post

YouTube video

LinkedIn post

Facebook post

Podcast episode

The repurposing strategy will allow you to create more content, without compromising on quality, thus allowing you to increase various metrics like impressions, engagement, and link clicks.

2.    Create carousel posts for LinkedIn

Posting engaging carousel posts will generate higher levels of engagement than standard posts. When creating the posts, ensure they resonate with your audience, and design it in a manner that captures their attention. When this is executed correctly, your engagement rates and clicks will skyrocket.

An example of one such carousel post that captivated the audience’s attention was a book recommendation post that was created for a client. I obtained cybersecurity book recommendations from experts within the industry and compiled them into an eye-catching carousel post. The post was designed with the audience in mind and was well received – 1,300 clicks and an engagement rate of 33.15% for a single carousel post. This not only impressed the client, but it broke their engagement level records and proved that adding carousel posts to your LinkedIn strategy is a must. When carousel posts are smartly executed, they can consistently receive high engagement rates.

3.    Leverage user-generated content on LinkedIn

If you’re not already taking advantage of utilizing employee-generated content, you are missing out big time. With employee-generated content getting higher levels of engagement, follows, and clicks than branded content, there’s never been a better time to leverage content that’s produced by your employees.

Taking advantage of the ‘human’ element of your organization and showcasing the human side of your organization, improves your brand image, attracts potential followers, and ultimately, gets more engagement.

The question arises, how do you get employees to share branded content? The answer may be cliche, but it’s as easy as asking them. Employees tend to shy away from sharing company-related content for the fear of posting something that may be frowned upon by management. The key to getting employees to share branded content is to explain to them what employee-generated content is, the etiquette needed when posting branded content, and how posting branded content can mutually benefit the employee and organization.


By doing the above strategies consistently, your engagements and link clicks will increase substantially. To ensure you have continued success, ensure you have a solid LinkedIn content marketing strategy in place. This will enable your brand to not only increase engagements and link clicks on LinkedIn, but also enable you to increase traffic and leads.

If you would like to take your social media presence to the next level, contact me or one of the Bora team to elevate your marketing.

3 Ways Cybersecurity Marketers can Increase Engagement on LinkedIn
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