Our workshops don’t have to be hard work.

We come to you with a detailed and structured plan of how to extract the most information from the key decision-makers in the shortest possible time.

As an independent third party, we discover things deeply routed in a company’s DNA and the process has been described by many clients as business therapy.

Then we analyse what we’ve learned, provide a fresh prospective and an action plan to help your business
move forward.

Our workshops comprise the following reviews:

Brand Health Check

  • Brand integrity, spirit & customer centricity
  • Customer perceptions
  • Brand hierarchy
  • Brand values, behaviours, proposition and promise

Marketing Health Check

  • Communications hierarchy
  • Messaging, material & media
  • Marketing guidelines
  • Team skills

Digital Health Check

  • Website evaluation
  • Digital asset management review
  • Keyword & SEO analysis
  • Social media proposal

Contact us to see how a health check will benefit your business.

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