Strategic Consultancy



Sometimes an external perspective provides a fresh approach. Bora can create tailor-made strategic marketing services that provide direction, creativity or focus for your technology products.

Regardless of whether you are entering innovative markets, launching new products, developing new sales channels or purely searching for a fresh perspective, the Bora team have the experience to provide strategic technology marketing consultancy that assists you in generating sales and building stability.


Boot Camps

Hosting a one-day boot camp is more than just a review.Inspired teaching can help your company

We use our 7-point plan to analyse every aspect of a project, understanding the impact, results, improvements and action required by each of the stakeholders.

Armed with this information we help you improve every project or campaign.


Channel Marketing Development

Is your distribution chain going rusty?Creative collateral design gets results in channel marketing

If you need to kick start, revitalise or incentivise your channel marketing let us review your process from the point of production to consumption.

You will get a new approach that considers every aspect to influence and drive sales.



See our creative workshops that help train marketing staff

Our brand, marketing and website workshops are designed to give you strategic input from an independent perspective.

You will gain a fresh insight, action plan for progress and new enthusiasm for positive change.

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