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You maybe wondering why we live in a world of more connected devices than ever before, but you feel like your website is a waste of time. The days of creating a website and sitting back for a flood of sales enquiries has long gone.

One thing is for sure, your website should be at the core of your marketing because it still has the potential to drive more sales leads than anything else.

Maximizing the opportunity takes a lot of time and effort, so why not outsource your website management to us?

At Bora, we have a proven 3 step process for increasing your website effectiveness.

- Define marketing strategy, goals and targets
- Create compelling content
- Host, post and share to drive visitors

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We can help develop your website to make it an attractive, informative and friendly place.

Using our specialist marketing tools and technical knowledge, we offer advice and suggestions on the design, graphics, keyword content and SEO, helping to transform your online presence.

Once your site is positioned correctly, we add interesting content and share socially to ensure you’re generating the sales leads you need.

Our website development service includes:

  • FREE online evaluation
  • New website construction
  • Content creation
  • Website development
  • Design & graphics
  • SEO & keyword analysis
  • Mobile marketing
  • Ongoing management and support

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