Digital Marketing

When it comes to making your digital marketing successful, there is one simple formula.

Energy in = Energy out. So the more effort and resources invested, the more return you should expect.

Most businesses find it hard dedicating staff to focus on digital marketing activity. So the website remains static, social media outreach is sporadic at best and any sense of developing a community or database is lost in the lack of dedicated time to proactively manage the tasks.

So why not outsource your digital marketing?

At Bora we have a proven methodology for investing in your digital marketing for greater returns, by outsourcing your website development, content management and social media activity to us.

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Digital Marketing

The impact of business technology has created new opportunities in mobile marketing, social networking and digital marketing.

Your website is the centre of all digital activity, but unless that combines the right mix of marketing, creativity and technology it will always under perform.

As a leading digital marketing technology company, we will analyse your website traffic and content, segment the data to deliver a digital marketing strategy comprising targeted marketing campaigns which generate enquiries.

This drastically reduces your cost per lead and uncovers potential customers you didn’t know existed.

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Content Management & SEO

The science of SEO and website keyword optimisation is a specialist skill, butHow to jump up rankings with good SEO tactics once the initial market research and development plan is created we provide focus to your content management.

Utilising widgets and plug-ins we reduce time spent managing your website content and take a structured long-term view of increasing your search engine rankings.


Email Marketing

Compelling subject lines, copy and layout encourage click throughs in emailInspirational email marketing for better open & click through rates marketing campaigns and our designers and copywriters know how to entice response.

Partnerships with specialist data providers mean we have over a million industry specific email contacts, which we segment to make your campaign highly targeted.


Social Media

Are you one of those people that “doesn’t get” social media for business?Get closer to you customers with great social media campaigns

Let us help you identify how social media could fit your business and become an integral part of your digital marketing mix. We can assist in creating accounts, managing them and providing expertise into how to reach the right audience.


Website Development

We create dynamic website design, alongside managing content, to encourage119818564_Omnisense_website_150x150 businesses or communities to connect with you through social media and SEO.

We restructure your digital presence, provide simple to use web marketing tools, then train your staff and hand back CMS driven websites that generate sales leads.

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