RSA Conference Europe 13

RSA 13Wikileaks. NSA Prism scandal. Chinese hackers. Information security is now mainstream news.

As RSA® Conference Europe 2013 moves venue to the Amsterdam RAI in The Netherlands, information security news is hotter than ever, touching issues in our daily lives from phishing scams to top secret information being published online.

For the 7th consecutive year Bora has been appointed to drive the conference marketing, with the task of attracting delegates to immerse themselves in hot topics, insider knowledge and practical advice from information security experts. Over 3 days the conference delivers 70 track sessions which are intensive, incisive and packed with essential learning. Inquisitive session titles are presented by the speakers such as:

Mine Is Bigger: When Cybercriminals Compare Tools

How Hackers are Outsmarting Smart TVs and Why it Matters to You

You’re not your iPhone – or Are You?

As in previous years we have a complex marketing and communications plan to attract delegates, which includes multiple campaigns to segmented target audiences in multiple languages, comprising:

Currently we are progressing with the plan and initial results look very positive. At Bora we provide the same value-packed service and commitment, adjusting our working day to fit in with the clients US working day and hope to deliver the same European event – but now even bigger and better.RSA EUROPE 13

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