How Intel’s Short-Term Deadline Created An International Challenge

How did we complete a major product launch in only 5 weeks?

When a client asks you if you can handle a worldwide product launch in 5 weeks, the excitement around pulling it off far exceeds the problem solving and logistics issues with failure.

So of course you say “of course” and figure the rest out later. Intel wanted to launch a new product that would help business customers purchase IT equipment and finance it, they were on a tight schedule, especially as the EMEA, US and APAC launches had to be on the same day.

intel1There was a lot to do and the finite details of the product and the legal issues surrounding it still hadn’t been completed.

The pressure was massive and throughout the day constant client contact was needed to keep up with an evolving product and the compliance issues associated with it.

As our afternoon started the US team would need support and as we got into evening the team in Sydney wanted questions answered.

As the project grew our days got longer and longer, until we were working around the clock to satisfy the other regions and hit the launch deadline. All eyes were on us and it was like we were in the middle of a storm.

Creative design office at nightIn a very short time frame we had to design, write and print user manuals, staff training materials, stationery, promotional leaflets, advertising and in-store POS. But our commitment to the client was kept and we produced everything in time, the staff and suppliers were brilliant and it wasn’t until it was all over that we’d realised what we’d achieved.

So when it comes to projects that look a bit scary, we don’t frighten marketing services test


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