IBM’s $4m In Potential Sales – Here’s How We Did It

IBM's $4m In Potential Sales - Here's How We Did It

When IBM wanted to promote the attributes and versatility of the Thinkpad for remote workers, they asked us how to reach corporate IT professionals that were ‘influencers’ or ‘decision makers’ involved in specifying product procurement.


During our research we agreed this was a particularly hard group to target, they are frequently approached by vendors and an email, advertising or direct mail campaign was never going to successfully create the impact and deliver the leads we needed.

So we switched our approach. We agreed it was better to go out to them, in an environment where they would have time to get close to the product, understand the benefits and see a demonstration. This meant the project time to deliver the results doubled, but so did our chances of success.

We developed a campaign theme and creative titled “Be There, Work There” based around a 20sqm demonstration stand with specially trained staff that showed the product’s attributes and technical capabilities. The stands were strategically placed in an environment likely to be used frequently by business travelers, airports.

Identifying the best airport locations for our target audience we negotiated space away from the general public, who were outside our target audience, and placed the stands “air side” near the VIP lounges, or gates of the most popular business flights. Despite difficult negotiations, security fears and logistics issues with stand build and breakdown during the airport closures hours (2am – 4am), our stands at Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris collected fantastic leads.

Sales lead generation campaign

The database we assembled comprised corporate CEO’s, Director’s, government officials, embassy staff, famous faces and even royalty.

Of the data gathered 523 fitted our target audience criteria, but the potential to turn these very valuable leads into business was huge.

What made this campaign so successful was the creative approach to presenting the message, coupled with the locations. At Bora we like to think laterally about business issues and step into the customers shoes to see how they see the world.

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