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Apple products have always been reassuringly expensive, but desirable.

However, Apple didn’t want the premium nature of the products to be out of reach for those consumers who saw them as expensive against the cost of an average PC.

Instore POSApple briefed us to produce a range of in-store POS to make customers aware of ACC, their finance product that allowed businesses and consumers to purchase their chosen products on terms that suited their spending power. Our objective was to convince customers that Apple were providing choices and solutions for people, putting the customer at the centre of the buying process not the products, therefore finance was a viable way to purchase.

A secondary part of the brief was to educate and train the Apple store staff about the finance process andhow simple it was, allowing them to convey with confidence the benefits to customers.

A key element of the design brief was that Apple insisted we reinforced their strong brand image in the design of the in-store POS and customer material, so the creative theme was based around using brightly coloured transparent plastic materials emulating Apple’s product range.

Bora produced hanging posters, counter and product POS, leaflets and a desktop reference guide for customers, enabling them easily assess the offers and make a decision to purchase the products, plus in-store manuals and an animated email reminder for staff. All the materials were translated into 9 European languages.

AP2What made this campaign so successful was the creative use of transparent coloured plastic, which stood out in-store but naturally blended into the overall theme and brand presentation of the amazing store designs.

At Bora we like to think if you removed a logo from a communications piece you could still guess which company it came from. The ultimate in brand recognition.


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